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First of its Kind

The FIRST rugby collectible card game (CCG), RUGBY GLORY is a fast-paced board game with cool rugby ball dice that covers all the key aspects of your favorite sport in a fast & fun game for ruggers of all ages. 


Fun & Challenging

RUGBY GLORY strikes the balance between luck and strategy, and follows all the laws of rugby union, making it a great tool for players learning the game or coaches teaching new players.

Whether you are a hard-core rugby player or fan, or someone new to this glorious game, or simply a curious table top gamer looking for a fast & furious challenge, RUGBY GLORY has you covered!


Completely Personal

Build your deck to suit your style of play. Run, pass, kick or support your teammates with streamlined gameplay full of interesting choices - how will your style of play and strategy compare to your opponent's?


Grow the Game

The best part? The game is completely customizable to your favorite local teams, and 20% of the proceeds of the game go directly back to local organizations to help grow the game, making RUGBY GLORY a fantastic and easy fundraiser for your organization!

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How to Play Rugby Glory - Vid #1: the Tackle explained